How much toilet paper?

What’s it?

The calculator has been designed after the discussion held by the two men, a student, and an artist. They tried to determine in which amount either of them used toilet paper and how it would alter for the period of quarantine. People take it seriously since this application aims to cut on the lack of toilet paper across the globe. Up to this moment, more than 5 million users have calculated their needs with the help of this utility.

Here is the way how the platform works: you fix the amount of the toilet paper, which you have, and the number of times you go to the restroom per day. The calculator provides some more options to get more accurate results. For instance, you may indicate the number of wipes per trip or the number of sheets per roll or wipe. You can also indicate the length of the period for which you are going to be isolated.

It is already proven, that on average users have up to 6 times more toilet paper than they require for a period of quarantine.


“If you think, that your life has become the most boring thing in the world during the quarantine, remember that there is a guy, who created an online calculator for defining how much toilet paper people need for a period of isolation”

Luis J. Guilford

“The online toilet paper calculator has become almost the only good news for today. I address all the people, who buy up all the toilet paper right now. Stop it and try to define how much exactly toilet paper do you need. Surprisingly, it is not as much, as you have bought. At least, your children probably wouldn’t have to buy toilet paper no more in their life, because you can just pass it down to them!”

Rodolfo G. Butler

“I’m disgraced… They are going to know everything about me, even how many sheets I use for a wipe or how many wipes for one trip… I’m really confused. Please, leave me alone!”

Chris G. Ballweg

A hint:

Our mailbox is full of letters throughout the whole planet. We realize that the ways how toilet paper is used are various around the globe. The website designers are based in Great Britain. According to our statistics, two sheets per wipe is enough and this is an average indicator. In our country, the toilet paper is puffy enough. In consequence, as a rule, one toilet paper roll has nearly 160 sheets.

But in some time, we understood that everything is different in various countries. For example, in the USA toilet paper is not so thick and it doesn’t have a double sheet. However, it is much longer there – some rolls have over a thousand sheets!
This is the reason why we implemented additional settings in the calculator. You can now calculate how much toilet paper you need wherever you may live.

The history of toilet paper

The first toilet paper came into being in the 14th century in China. Only the richest people could afford it and, as a rule, is associated with the Emperor family, because probably only its members used best toilet paper in those times.

In a hundred years, people advanced the technique of manufacturing toilet paper, but only in the 19th century, it became one of the mass consumer goods. It was J. C. Gayetty, who developed the first toilet paper for common people. Then it wasn’t sold in rolls, but rather as sheets of paper and, as a rule, people bought them in wholesale.
In the following years, new improvements were invented, such as perforated toilet paper. And Create Britain has become the first country, in which double-ply paper was introduced.

As we see, toilet paper was improved and advanced throughout centuries, but only in the 21st century, we stumbled on the problem of the toilet paper shortage because of unreasonable buying across the globe.

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